Learning to Draw Glyphs

So I know how to use the software, but now I am having trouble learning how letters should look, after I make a glyph it always seems like something is missing or I am not working with nods correctly.

I saw this video:

This guy is drawing in fontlab, it was really helpful for me to see how he constructed each letter, and now I am wondering if any of you have seen tutorials or stuff like this that could help me start drawing better and stuff.
Does anyone has seen videos of creating a whole font? Maybe not super explained ones, I will like to see someone working see what i can learn from there.


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Did you have a look at the videos on the Getting Started page on the website? And there is this tutorial: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/drawing-good-paths

Other than that, have a look at existing fonts can help to understand where the points should go.

There are indeed some YouTube videos (e.g. look for Tyler Finck’s screencast), and also Lynda.com courses. And keep an eye out for a workshop in your area, you will find some on the Events Page.

I saw this I am still a little confused, maybe I should look at more fonts and try to guess where the nodes are

I will check Tyler Finck’s videos, I took Lynda.com course is more software focused, I don’t think there are workshops in my area but if you have more video recommendations it will be very helpful.

Where are you located approximately?

Update: Lots of YouTube and some Vimeo tutorials out there.

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I live In Honduras