Lectures or courses on working with Glyphs app


I have been manufacturing fonts with Glyphs app for almost two years now (not full time though). I think i know the tutorial by hard already, but i am definitely not a geek. But still every time I create a new font I face some problems. and I also still don’t know what is the best workflow is. Can anybody recommend any courses or lessons (with ability to ask questions and follow-ups) about working with Glyphs app?

Thank you!!!

adding myself to the conversation, want to follow this topic to know any useful info.

@Darth_Vector mekkablue has given workshops, but tbh don’t know if they are available online. Try reaching him for a handout.

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The Blog on this site lists a number of upcoming workshops:

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There are workshops of all lengths and depths, for all budgets and all levels. From one day to 6 weeks, from beginner to advanced. And if you can take a sabbatical, I recommend one of the one-year courses in NYC, Barcelona, Reading, The Hague, or Prague. If you tell me your budget, your time, and your location, I can tell you where to look.

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Thanks, Mekkablue. Are there any workshops or lectures online (on subscription basis or with one time payment)? Most of the time I live in a small village in Turkey or in Namibia

For online courses, see the ones that are linked on the Get Started page, or simply do a search on YouTube or Vimeo.


found this one from the get started, already learned a trick or two:

there’s one that I’ve stumbled upon two or three times, but can’t find the link, I’ll look it up


thanks a lot!! I’m checking it-) Please-please, share another one if you find it-)
I’m now watching Lynda.com as well

this one is the one I commented above, just realized they’re using fontlab :man_facepalming: , but goes through a lot of nuances about each letter :smiley: .

do you know Spanish? found a course in domestika, looks good, and best of all, it’s a steal at :moneybag: $10! :open_mouth: , it’s in the Get Started page that mekkablue posted.


Fantastic, will check this one also.
Unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish-(


I found this series of very informative tutorials on YT.
Hope this is useful.

I would request the moderators of this forum to start a thread where users can post such resources.



Great, thank you, will check it. Would be great to keep all these sources somewhere, could be of help

I’ll add @KevinKing’s YouTube tutorials to the Get Started Page.


Thank you @mekkablue! I will be adding some additional videos later this winter and spring and will update them to he Get Started page.


I only watched the ones that Charles Nix made for Lynda.com and they are AMAZING