Let's get Adobe-Japan1 working

There has been hardly any activity on the front of Adobe-Japan-1 in G3 despite the demand is far from zero, and I want have a proper crack at this if I can be of any help. What needs to be done to make the ROS working? @GeorgSeifert @monokano


Please call me to discuss what needs to be done.

OK I’ll need to prepare myself too. I’ll call you then.

Monokano wrote an excellent summary of the current status. Here’s my translation. Would this suffice?

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Hi man! I would like to look and help, but this file doesn’t open :frowning:

Hm, it opens just fine for me. Maybe try using a different web browser works? If not, here is a PDF version of the document:

The issues with Adobe-Japan-1 in Glyphs 3 - HackMD.pdf (43.2 KB)

I had a look at the notes. Thanks for the thorough explanation…

I hope I got the right GSUB, now. Should I use the one with “reiwa” or without?

About the cmap. As Glyphs doesn’t contain makeOTF any more, it doesn’t understand the cmap resources. So the way to go is to assign the right unicodes directly to the glyphs and use the normal mechanism to write them to the cmap table. I’ll have a look.

Yeah the one that supports Reiwa. Thanks! Let me know if you need any more help.

Two more steps. I removed the cmap files (as they are not supported any more). Glyphs now assigns the unicodes as defined in the MapFiles (third column).

And the GSUB resources are converted to use names as feaKit doesn’t support the \CID notation, yet.

I like the new setup much more as it relies less on some resource files. So if you need to add or remove a unicode mapping, you can manually change it in the .glyphs source (e.g. for additional glyphs, not covered in the ROS).

Thanks. I do see the benefit of using the resource files (at least in some way to export & import them) instead of implementing the database in an existing and compatible form.

Also the fact that you’re converting the GSUB to names worries me instead of using CIDs. You change glyph names in app updates but CIDs don’t change (you would also need to update the resource file once glyph name changes). Wouldn’t it be safer for GSUB to be used as is?

Overall very promising that you’re making a progress!

I keep the CID bases files internally and can re-substitute the names when the glyphData changes. For now the CID notation doesn’t work in feaKit and there are more important things to fix ;(

I have created a file for AJ1-3 for Glyphs 3.0.4.
The GSUB file is loaded in include().
It seems to work well.

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