Letter distortion in Illustrator

In Illustrator, I noticed that some curve points looked like they had kinked.
But checking the Glyphs master and the generated font, all was fine.
Strange thing is in Illustrator the actual vector line is correct (no kink, in highlighted blue on the attached image) but the black-filled area DOES have a kink (see the version where I added a magenta outline - the circle indicates a kink). Click to see the image larger.

This is probably an Illustrator bug rather than a Glyphs bug, but has anyone come across this? It’s like Illustrator is rounding off the rendering while preserving the actual paths. Which is peculiar. (Font sample is 60pt, close up of counter of 6).


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Have reported this to Adobe as a possible Illustrator bug too.

Hi Ryan. I’ve noticed an error in rendering recently that definitely wasn’t there before. Do you think this might also be confined to a recent adobe update?

No idea. I’m on Illustrator 23.0.1

Yes, me too.
I’m seeing the same across all latest Adobe software but not in things like MS Word.
Do you see yours in Id and PS?

Not in Photoshop. What are you seeing?

This one: Strange Render Issue

Weird. No idea if they’re related, I’m afraid.

Hi Ryan, I see different rendering between OFT and TTF. Are you seeing this in both formats?

Not tried TrueType - just OTF.