Letter spacing issue when copying glyphs

Hi there everyone! First topic here and I hope someone has the answer to this.

When I copy a glyph from one glyphs file to another glyphs file it changes the letter spacing on the right side. It’s only around 0.9 or so but it adds up when you add many glyphs this way.

Wondering if there’s a setting I may have accidentally left on/off or if this is regular behaviour.

Thanks in advance!

This sounds like a rounding error. Do you have different grids in the two fonts?

Grid spacings are both set to 0 and subdivision to 1. I actually copied the original glyphs file to make the new family so I would not overlook any base settings. So technically all settings should be the same in both files.

Could it be the original file was created a while ago? Like two years ago? At one point, we changed the meaning of grid 1/0 to be equivalent to 1/100 in order to reduce rounding errors.

Files are both from this week and my glyphs is the latest version (new user). The difference is a non rounded number as well. It will be -0.94 on some for example.

As far as I remember my workflow has been as follows;

  • Save file as (New name) so now I had two files with the same glyphs, windows open next to eachother.
  • deleted unwanted glyphs from (new name)
  • cmd-c a glyph from old file, cmd-v in the (new name) file

Spacing of let’s say 50 left and 50 right were then 50 left and 49.03 right

Could it be you do not have extremes on the leftmost and rightmost paths?

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That could most definitely be it! I read about adding extremes but I have to admit I didn’t really think I needed them on this and my previous script font. Performing mom duties right now but I’ll look into that as soon as I get a chance! Thanks @mekkablue!

I added extremes by shift click with pen tool on both left and right side but it doesn’t make a difference.



Seems it rounds down the width by subtracting everything behind the comma. Might not be very neat of me to have them unrounded numbers, but it’s a script font with lots of wobbly bits and I didn’t pay much attention to them.

It also only does it when copy pasting. Even within the same glyphs file I now noticed. Not when duplicating. I am probably making a noob mistake here.

Not sure now, but I believe the width cannot have decimals. The fractional width is only temporary before rounding strikes at some point.

then rounding must strike when hitting ctrl-v :slight_smile:
Thanks for looking at this with me though. I guess I have to be more picky with my nodes before I get picky about the numbers.

Yes. As soon as you do something. Try selecting all and moving it left and right. Should have the same effect.