Letter Spacing with Percentages

Hey People!

I‘d like to change the spacing of the further letters by percentage instead of units.

I mean to define the spacing for the basic characters like o, n, H, O … is just fine and necessary. But in the process I would find it much more intuitiv to change the spacing for the other letter with percentages of the basic letters.

So for example instead of “=n+20 (70)” I would like to be able to write “=n(104%) (70)”. (I‘m bad with coding but I think you get the idea. :slight_smile: )

Thank You

I do, and it’s the wrong way to think about spacing. If one wanted to increase spacing for the entire font such an idea has some merit, but basic character spacing means what it says. All similar shapes, with less than six exceptions, should get the same spacing value as the basic characters. Anything else should be dealt with through the use of kerns, and a minimal number even then.


You need type "=n*1.04"

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Yes, you can use asterisk and slash for multiplication and division but I also don’t recommend it.

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Ok, thats what I was looking for! :blush: Thank you!