Letter with 2 diacritical marks

Hey there, I’m creating a Hebrew font that in will need to support one letter with two diacritical marks - this is the sample text I’m working with: יְרוּשָׁלִָם; יְרוּשָׁלִַם - the second to last letters here both have a patah/qamats followed by a hiriq, this is an instance that will come up several time in the text it’s being designed for.

Currently the output has the two marks overlap, how can I make sure that a letter with two following marks appear one beside the other, instead of overlapping?

For context, this is what I need it to look like. The second image is how it’s working now.

I remember that we had some special solution for this but I have to look that up. It you only have a few combinations, you can build a glyph that contains both marks and substitute them the ccmp feature.

Thanks! Would you be able to look into the first option and let me know? I’ll need to double check with the client if this can occur with all the letters or just a few.
Can you also direct me to where I can learn how to execute the second option you mentioned?

For the second option, create a new glyph named patah_hiriq-hb and place components inside it for both patah-hb and hiriq-hb. Also add a _bottom anchor so that it it positioned correctly relative to the glyph to which the two marks are applied:

If you generate the ccmp feature in Glyphs automatically, then all you need to do is update the ccmp feature code (click the update arrow button). Otherwise, add the following code to the ccmp feature:


lookup ccmp_hebr_1 {
	lookupflag 0;
	sub patah-hb hiriq-hb by patah_hiriq-hb;
} ccmp_hebr_1;


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This took care it perfectly - thank you so much for your help and step by step, much appreciated!