Letters of Arabic fonts made with G3 are separating!

After using G3 to make Arabic fonts, the letters are broken sometimes.

  1. when using “text-align: justify” in the browser.
  2. when selecting text.
    May-17-2021 22-42-31
    Is this problem related to a different way of RTL kerning in G3?
    The previous version of my font (which is made with G2 does not have this problem!)

Can you send me that file?

After further investigation, I realized that this problem only occurs in the Chrome browser.
But the previous fonts that I made with G2 do not have this problem in Chrome.
I sent the font file with a sample text of this problem.

It seems to have to do with kerning with the space glyph. If you remove that, the jumping around stops. I don’t know whats actually happening but it seems to be a but in Chrome as it is OK every else.