License file for new device

Evening, just bought a new computer and I am trying to install Glyph. However, when I go to my email to get my license it saids that it is not available anymore. How do I go about access to my glyphs license. I have had my license since 2017/18 I think and would very much like to continue with it. Any help with my issue would be much appreciate, Thanks

Search your drive for a file with a .glyphs2license or a .glyphs3license suffix.

If you cannot find anything, send an email to office at glyphsapp period com.

@mekkablue I have the same issue as emily and I sent several gmails to office at glyphsapp period com and they keep bounncing back as spam. I’m not sure why but I have since sent another to support at glyphsapp with the exact same message and it went through just fine.

My brand new MacBook bricked itself, the entire logic board was replaced and my data was unable to be retrieved. Google Fonts is waiting on some files I need to edit so I just wanted to be sure support will look at my request for a new link ASAP.

Thanks in advance

I forwarded the email to the right person. But there is a holiday tomorrow, so it might take till Tuesday to get an answer.