License Glyhps mini 2

Good morning, this is my problem: I can’t install glyphs mini 2, not can I buy a license. tells me the program is not available, I had worked with the trial version before.
How can I fix it?

What do you mean by “I can’t install glyphs mini 2”. Do you get an error message?
And why is this: “not can I buy a license”?
So did you buy a license? What trial version did you use?

I want to buy the Glyphs mini 2 license, but it doesn’t leave me the website.
how do i do it
I’m sorry, I don’t know much English

What happens if you click on the “Buy for €49” on this page: ?

the dark screen comes out and a circle comes out it loads, then disappears, finally nothing happens.

Please try in a different browser.