License installation error

Hello ,

I have tried all the solutions , non of them is work , to install license workshop

the error in terminal :

CoreGraphics PDF has logged an error. Set environment variable “CG_PDF_VERBOSE” to learn more.

need help :frowning:

Can you send me the license file (in a .zip)? (Send it by email to support at this domain)

I send it , the message has the same title of this forum

Without the “forum.”

Ok , I send it again

I tried all the solution included in the email massege
and I deleted any detective and maintenance program ,
also i tried safe mode
Unfortunately none of them work !!

I wondering what If I buy the original license not workshop license
does it has these problems in installation too ?

What exactly happens when you open the license with the app? Which error message do you get from Glyphs?

Register Glyphs 3
The license expired.
Please obtain a new license.
Glyphs will run in Demo Mode.
Screenshot 1444-06-28 at 11.43.33 AM

^ the workshop license Expires : 31 March 2023

See here:

I’ll close this thread.