License not opening- glyphs 2

I downloaded the license and tried to open it in Glyphs 2, but I am still getting the same message “The Test Period has expired. Please to get a license.”

What can I do?
(also tried to restart and download the newest version of Glyphs, didn’t work. Same for trying all suggested solutions here and on Twitter)


I understand that the problem has been solved in the meantime.

For future reference:

  1. Open the link from your license e-mail in your web browser, the download should start immediately into your Downloads folder. I tested the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and the downloads worked fine in those browsers.
  2. Avoid third-party download managers.
  3. Simply double-click the file, Glyphs should respond with a Thank You dialog.
  4. You may have to restart the app once afterwards.