Liga feature error

Hello there
I am working with features and made some tests in fontlab. it worked fine, but if i want to use the same code in glyphs app, i get a mistake. can anyone tell me, what i am doing wrong?

this is my code in the liga feature:
lookup liga01 {
sub A A by B ;
lookup liga03 {
sub C A’ by B ;
sub B’ B by C ;
lookup liga02 {
sub B’ A by C ;

this is the error message that shows up:
FEhler: “invalid token (text was “”)” im Feature liga in Ziele: 2

There seems to be a strange character in the string. Remove on line after the other to narrow it down. Or just retype it :wink:

ARGHH… Thanks for your help!
It actually was some invisible formatting that came with the code, when I copy and pasted it, that made the error.
When I copied the text first in an unformatted “text edit” file before copying it to glyphs, it worked.