.liga ligatures not showing up in Silhouette Studio

So I created my first font and everything is looking good on Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign, but when using the font in Silhouette Studio Pro, none of the .liga letter combos are showing up in the glyphs menu. These ligatures are also not showing up in Sure Cuts a Lot Pro.

Since many of the people who are using this font use these programs to create .svg files, I’m really frustrated that these are showing up. Help!

Do these applications support OT features at all? Have you checked back with their makers/support?

Sadly they don’t. So should I put them under private use ? If so, do I just manually assign an E001 unicode?

Well I tried that and it seems to be working in Silhouette and still functioning properly in Illustrator! Yay!

Ok for a limited purpose but be aware that that’s a hack. PUA Unicode values are not supposed to be used for that (no semantic difference). Better make different fonts.

Or best, send a bug report to the software makers.