Ligature (C_H) Not Exporting on Glyphs Mini 2

I’m using Glyphs Mini 2 to create a handwritten typeface based Akzidenz Grotesk, so I have opened up that typeface and I’m removing each letter and replacing it with a handwritten version.

MY PROBLEM: I am also adding ligatures of certain letters (CH, EE, LL, etc.), however these aren’t being exported (or at least aren’t working on InDesign).

I am naming each ligature appropriately: C_H, E_E, L_L. But when I type CH the ligature does not appear.

I have created ligatures a while ago for other typefaces and I didn’t have any problems.

Am I missing something? Howcome they don’t seem to be exporting?

Thanks in advance!

The C_H ligatures are put in the discretionary ligatures feature. That you have to activate manually in the OpenType settings.

Thanks for the reply. I have seen this discussed on other questions, but I am unsure how to access the OpenType settings. How do I do that? I’m a little rusty on Glyphs. Thanks

I meant the OpenType setting in Indesign.

Great thank you!