Ligature limit per word

Hello !

I am currently working on a non-script typeface but with several unconventional ligatures. I would like to limit the number of ligatures per word according to their length, in order to keep a fluid rhythm.
I haven’t found a tutorial on this, or one that would fit?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

They do not connect? Perhaps a solution with contextual alternates may work for you then. In its most basic form, let’s take a ligature in the shape of two letters stacked on top of each other:

sub @default' @default by @top;
sub @top @default' by @bottom;

The top group would have the top glyph of the ligature, etc. From there it can quickly become more complex, because you will not only have one kind of ligature, and different contexts, etc.

Precisely, they are connected (they are in standard ligatures), I badly formulated my question sorry.

It’s for branding, which is why I want to have strong accidents that are directly present when you write.

I would need to take a look at this to get a better idea. Can you post images here? If not, send me a DM please.