Ligature Unicodes in Arabic?

Is there a reason why these “ligatures” don’t get Unicode when generated?:
allah-ar, akbar-ar, mohammad-ar, salam-ar, rasoul-ar, alayhe-ar, salla-ar, jallajalalouhou-ar

And why bismillah-ar gets it?
I understand why usual ligatures don’t get unicode but I don’t know if for these special ligatures it would be better to have it?
(U+FDF0 to U+FDFD)

Because ligatures are supposed to be accessed through OT features. Legacy Unicodes are only kept in rare cases like in Latin fi.

I recommend against it, but if you know what you’re doing you can force the generation of Unicode for Arabic presentational forms with a custom parameter.


These are not actual ligatures but symbols that happen to be stylized Arabic words (well except may be for allah-ar, users often expect to type الله and get the ligature), so they should get there Unicode mapping.

Yes, I called them “ligatures” following Unicode’s name and Decomposition, but I wondered if they should get their Unicode mapping by default, now I think you do. Probably @mekkablue thought I was referring to the frequent ligatures (U+FC64 to U+FD3B) and not to those stylized words?

@khaled do you add Unicode to allah-ar?

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