Ligatures aren't displayed in the Preview Mode — Glyphs Mini

Hey guys,

I am using Glyphs Mini and want to add some ligatures to my set. If I want an “ea” ligature I am adding it by typing ing “e_a.liga”… Then it’s displayed in the ligatures.

If I write then for example: “peace”. It’s not displayed.

Once exported and installed, it works in Indesign…

But I also want to work it as a preview in Glyphs Mini directly…
Does anyone know how this is done?

Looking forward,

This is not automatically possible in Glyphs Mini.

Thanks man!

A workaround is to select it directly in the ligature set by clicking on them.

Hello, please consider the ligature preview feature for Glyphs mini. Without being able to preview it inside the app, the only way would be to export it, install it, and then type in another app. This slows down the workflow a lot.