Ligatures do not work for Cyrillic font

I did different ligatures:

But it doesn’t work for Cyrillic font and does for latin version

Please help. Thanks.

It seems that only some glyphs are automatically picked up by dlig generator (e.g. f_l and s_t, but not stuffs like s_d or a_r_r). That means you need to write it by hand. Don’t be afraid, writing OpenType code is easy. If you want to make two н to become a ligature, you write like this “sub en-cy en-cy by en_en-cy;” (don’t forget the semicolon at the end). The place where you would write it is either inside liga feature or dlig. Check generate Feature automatically box and enable manual edit, and type your code.

There are more than one type of ligatures in OpenType. Liga feature is on by default and can be disabled by the user (stuff that you want to see happening automatically but is not mandatory, such as fi and fl). Dlig is off by default and can be changed by the user (more like a decoration, such as ct and sp). Lastly there is rig feature, which is always on and the user is not allowed to disable (made for scripts which has mandatory ligatures).

Thank you for detailed instructions. Works perfect.

Final question. Is this feature supports with Glyphs mini as well?
I am using trial version of Glyph and cannot buy it at the moment.
May be you can suggest me any other option how to generate/code alternate codes + Gliphs Mini

Same question related to another my post: How to do alternates display properly?

// Thanks again for quick support and REALLY AMAIZING software, that did my designer’s job real joy!

You can do that in Glyphs Mini as well, given that you only need to use liga feature, not dlig. Mini does have automatic feature function but it’s limited to several features, and you cannot edit the code. The only way to do it is to get the name right (like en_en-cy.liga).

Thanks, and what about alternates in Glyphs Mini? Does it supports alternates as well?

Which alternates? There are lots of different kinds of alternates (swash, stylistic alternates, historical, small cap, contextual… even ligatures are alternates). Assuming you’re talking about stylistic alternates, the answer is no. In fact, most of these features are not supported in Glyphs Mini and ligature is one of very few exceptions.

that is a bug. I’ll fix it.