Ligatures Feature in PPT not working

Hi, I made a simple icon font (assigned PUA) and it works fine in all my mac apps, but I also must have access to the icons in Power-Point to prepare some presentations for a client. In my Glyphs-Source-File I implemented a few simple code lines at the Features-Tap in the Font-Info-Dialog. As far as I know is it possible to define character combinations to activate certain icons via their names. For example — sub x a by xml_alert; — will display the icon with the name “xml_alert” when typing “xa”. This works in all my applications from mac-world, but now I recognize, that in PPT (Mac) this feature isn’t working. The only workaround is to paste in the icons over a special character dialog in PPT. It’s a way to work, but not the best. Maybe somebody has an idea?

Thanks for this info. So the only way is to place the icons in PPT via an additional characters app? As far as I know, after reading some comments, it’s not suggested to use the standard Unicode places to implement my icons. Maybe in this case it’s an alternative?