Ligatures from existing font in mini

I have imported an icon font using PUA. Glyph names and unicodes were set in FontLab.
I changed my glyph names to “glyphname.liga” in Glyph Mini. The unicodes are disappearing when I change the name. I can add them back in but this will take a huge amount of time to rename and reUnicode every glyph. Is there a way to commit the existing names and unicodes?

On the glyphs I have changed to .liga names the Ligatures are not working.
Am I missing a step to get Mini to create the features?

For ligature feature to work, you need to name a glyph in a sequence of glyph names. If you want a train icon to appear when you type “train”, its glyph name has to be “t_r_a_i_n.liga”. And in Glyphs Mini, you cannot assign custom Unicode value, nor can you automate it via scripting.

Ligatures are not supposed to have a Unicode value in the first place. Why are you adding a ligature if you have a PUA value already?

Thanks Tosche, that worked.

The icon font is being used by both designers(sketch and photoshop) and Dev(xcode). Dev requires Ligatures, Designers prefer unicode. This isn’t being produced for outside usage only internal so I am responding to the internal needs of the workflow.