Ligatures intended settings

Is it possible to assign certain glyphs combinations which usually are compiled as Discretionary Ligatures to be always as a default setting where typesetting user does not need to change the Character Opentype definitions; namely .rlig ?

Pardon me I’ve just figured out:
Disable "Generate Features Automatically"
Copy .dlig features and Paste into .rlig

You can also add a ‘.rlig’ suffix to glyph name. Then it will be placed in the corresponding feature. Works with .liga, .dlig, .rlig and .hlig

do you mean the same Glyph name can bear several suffixes?

No. Only one suffix at a time. You have to choose from the four options.

Manually enabling the dlig in InDesign is proving a big hassle for my font users.

Is there a simpler way like an option or something in Glyphs app itself where I can choose to generate all dlig features as liga automatically?


How often do you add/remove glyphs to your font?
You can just copy the code from dlig and paste it into the feature you like.