Ligatures on Glyphs 1.5.7


I have version 1.5.7 of Glyphs. I can’t configure standard ou discretionary ligatures on this version, right?

Yes you can. The old handbook is still available for download. Take a look at the appendix.

Sorry folks, miss to refer is Glyphs Mini.

I have Glyphs Mini 1.5.7. Will I have to buy Glyphs Mini 2.0 or Glyphs 2.0?

Glyphs Mini 2 supports liga and dlig features. I don’t remember if that was different in Glyphs Mini 1.

So the section about ligatures in both handbooks apply here.

So i guess i have to buy Glyphs Mini 2 because my version doesn’t include features. I can’t find on tool bar or letter info.

Glyph Mini will compile the feature automatically if you add the right glyph names. That is explained in the handbook.

But if I want to program?


writing your own feature code is only possible in the full version. You can define if a glyph should go into what feature by adding am suffix. normally, f_f would go into liga but f_f.dlig will go into dlig and the other way around.

What else would you like to code?

Sorry my ignorance but iam here to learn. I am design a typeface with multiple standard and discretionary ligature. So i can do it on Glyphs Mini 1?

For example a C inside c

You can have some automatic features in Glyphs Mini. Try it yourself with the trial version, there is also a handbook you can download for free, including a section that explains which features are available.

I don’t understand what you mean.

I have already bought Glyphs Mini 1 some time ago. I just want to know if I can program ligatures my self on Glyphs Mini version 1.5.7.

A c inside a C is a example of a discretionary ligature I want to make.


The glyph would be called C_c and that would result in a dlig feature substituting C+c by the ligature. So, all you need to do is to set the right glyph name.

Thank you so much. So I could perfectly do various ligatures with Glyphs Mini 1 right?


Thank you! :wink: