Ligatures on Power Point

Hi, I know that power point doesn’t support ligatures. Do you know any workaround for this? I have only one ligature that needs to work.

Last time I checked, Powerpoint didn’t support OpenType features. So no ligatures.

I have a client with a custom font in which there is a glyph with their logotype, instead of using the glyph with their logotype they have the bad habit of writing the brand name letter per letter, so I have created a ligature with the brand name that is substituted with the logotype

Like this:
sub m a r i s b r a by marisbralogotype.liga;

It works fine, but not in PowerPoint. I don’t know if there is a better way to do this.

Ligature substitutions are OpenType features. And as Georg mentioned, PowerPoint does not support OpenType features. Your only workaround is to use a PUA Unicode value (e.g. FA00) for marisbralogotype.liga. Then your client can at least copy and paste it.

That’s similar to what I did as a first option. I put the logotype inside the “$” glyph (since the font doesn’t have currencies glyphs), so that you just have to type $ to get the logotype. But they don’t use it and instead they write the name letter by letter, so I was looking for something to automatically subsitute it when they write it, with the ligature works great everywhere exept on powerpoint, so I think there is no solution… at least this way it works on all other software, so I think I’ll have to settle for it, it’s better than nothing.
Thank you for your help