Ligatures stylistic sets disconnecting

I am having problems with certain stylistic set ligatures, when I am using the font and switch to a different stylistic set of a ligature it disconnects from the previous letter (naming is fine, so is the coding in ss01/rlig). Not sure why this happens.
Any advice is much appreciated
PS this is an arabic font.

In which order are the features? What is the name of the ligature glyph? And where is it not working?



these are the ones just quickly off the top of my head. and most reoccurring.
It is not working in inDesign and illustrator

Below is the features.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without ‘www’ or ‘forum’). I will have a look.

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Thank you for the file. It works for me exported from Glyphs 3.0.5 (3129) and InDesign 17.2.1.


  1. Recompiling features
  2. The following structure in rlig:
script arab;

lookup rlig_arab_0 {
	lookupflag RightToLeft IgnoreMarks;
} rlig_arab_0;

lookup contextual_arab {
	lookupflag RightToLeft IgnoreMarks;
} contextual_arab;

The RightToLeft lookup flag was not essential for InDesign. But pay attention to the position of the script statement.

  1. When applying the feature in InDesign, double check:
  • World-Ready Composer is used (Paragraph palette menu),
  • the whole word is selected when you apply the stylistic set, otherwise you may break the style continuity. In World-Ready Composer all letters involved in the ligature need to be selected, in this case both sheen and reh, or respectively, both beh and heh.