Ligatures with more space between the components

Most ligatures work in away that the letters are put nearer to one another or at least some part of them. But what if instead I want a ligature that the components are put further way from one another? How do I set a specific distance between these components (let’s say, an ‘f’ and an ‘l’, for example)? Because when I turn on the automatic alignment, the distance changes. Should I use anchors for that? How?

So you use components to build up your ligatures? Why then use ligatures? Why not just keep the original glyphs? Maybe use some contextual alternates?

But to answer your question. You can add kerning between the components. Double click the components in order to add the base glyphs to the edit view. Then adjust the spacing and kerning until the ligature looks good.
If the base glyphs can’t have kerning, you can use #exit+#entry anchors.

Thank you, Georg!