Line breaks

Two wishes for the handling of line breaks:

(1) When I enter explicit linebreaks in the upper editing area they seem to be converted to some kind of thin space in the preview bar. It would be better if this was a normal space character (i.e. the width as it is designed in the font).

(2) When I use a longish text, I’d prefer if the line wrapping was done on a word basis, rather than splitting words randomly. An ordinary ragged left pararaph, so to speak. That would look neater and more realistic.

Any chance we could have this some day?


could you file a feature request in the bug tracker? (fixed link)

That link does not work, it seems.

Sorry, Here is the proper link:

My Glyphs forum login does not work there. Do I need to create a new account? This does not work either because the capcha image is not shown.

Just a bump of a sensible proposal that I hope might be incorporated into Glyphs 2: line wrapping at spaces.

With just this change, the edit window could be a good preview of what real left-justified paragraphs will look like.


I’m not the only one who would like to stay inside Glyphs App for previewing paragraph text!

Just noticed we now have line wrapping at spaces. Yea! Thanks for listening!