Line spacing from sofware to sofware and use on the web

I am exporting the font and everything is working fine on InDesign and Illusrtator but in photoshop it feels like it giving me a double spacing.

Also when using for a website it gives me a double spacing as well. I need to resolve this since the client that commissioned the font will launch there website very soon.

That is as much as you can do in the font:

What an application does with this information is beyond the reach of the type designer.

What is your ascender/descender height ?

Still then I have to know what to do to fix it. I have read everything from the link you sent and I cant figure it out. Thanks!

Ascender: 1,638
Descender: -410


And you exported it as TTF ?

Can you post all your settings please? UPM, vertical metrics, your custom parameters, file format.

I exported both and both do the same spacing. I would really appreciate the help in knowing how to export the font. I will try anything.


Veuillez envoyer le fichier .glyphs à res (at) glyphsapp (point) com s.v.p.?