Line Spacing problem with exported fonts

I’m using Glyphs to edit some of the family and typeface names to get my font lists organized. Most of them work without any problem. However, some fonts are having problems after the export. One example:

4 Original files of one font (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) and everything looks normal. I just want to change the family name. Open each one in Glyphs, edit the name, export. The name is changed like I want but one of the four now has an odd linespacing issue.

Regular, italic, and bold italic work properly, but the bold font puts extra space between any line of text in which it’s used.

I’ve looked through the different settings and I can’t see anything that’s being changed. I’m attaching an example zip file with the example I mentioned above: the four instances of the original font file and the four exported files to illustrate the problem.

Any help or advice? I’d love to get this to work. Glyphs is the first reasonably priced app for Mac OS X I can find to do this kind of thing.

  1. Good advice: do not put these files online for anyone to download. Remove them a.s.a.p.

  2. Glyphs calculates some of the vertical metrics automatically. You can override this behavior with custom parameters. The issue of vertical metrics is a little more complicated though, so take some time for this article:

Please remove the fonts immediately from your dropbox.

Just for renaming fonts, Glyphs is not the right tool. The font import/export is not 100% e.g. you will lose all OpenType features.

I can’t find a big difference in the vertical metrics in the font.

OK sorry, will remove them asap.

Georg, thanks for reply, do you know of a tool that would be better to use? I’ve looked and looked and can’t seem to find anything.