Link custom filter lists

Is there a way to link custom filter lists (I’m referring to the ones in the side bar, after Categories and Languages) to text files so that if changes happen in the text files, Glyphs automatically updates the filters? I’m thinking of situations where multiple filters are shared across computers or people and it would way faster to update the files once and redistribute them, rather than having to update every single filter list in Glyphs and/or on every computer.

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In 2.5b, you can put a Filters subfolder in the Application Support folder (next to Info, Temp and Scripts folders). In it you can copy a CustomFilter.plist file, just like the one you will find in the Application Support folder when you add or edit your filters. If you rename it to CustomFilter XXXX.plist, then XXXX will be displayed as section heading in the sidebar:

The filters get reloaded/updated every time you edit or change any of the other filters.

That’s great!

Could this also work for filter files next to the .glyphs file, as it does for GlyphData.xml files? So we could have project-specific filters.

We have been discussing this.

I’m working in the local filters right now.

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