“Link Metrics With Master” Kerning exported only for one master

Hey nerds!
I’m working on a typeface with duplex weights — if that is the proper naming. To make things easier I am using the “Link Metrics With Master” custom parameter. As I was working I noticed that Glyphs is not only taking the advanced width of one master I selected to the other but also the kerning.
Unfortunately only the master I kerned has kerning in the exportet OT files. Is there a way to easily keep that kerning in the other master as well? I have found a work-around but something is telling me it’s not the smartest way there is.
I hope it’s somehow understandable what I’m trying to say here.

Thanks in advance!

It should use the kerning from the master that you point to with the parameter. If the kerning is in the other, then you should disable the custom parameter and then copy paste the kerning from the kerning panel to the right master.

I kerned the master I appointed the custom parameter to. In Glyphs it shows the kerning for both masters but in the exported OT-files there is only kerning for that master I kerned manually.
My work around is to disable the parameter and copy paste the kerning. As long as the custom parameter is deactivated all generated files have kerning. As soon as it is turned on again (no changes in kerning) there is only kerning in the initial master again.

Can you send me the .glyphs file that I can have a look?

Thanks for the file. I have fixed it.

Hi Georg!

It seems I have the same problem as above. My first master has a kerning which won’t apply to the other ones after exporting. What could be the problem?

What version of Glyphs do you have? And did you add the “Link Metrics With Master” to all other masters?

I have 2.5.1 version, and all my masters have “link to the first master” parameter. It works in Glyphs, but after exporting unfortunately not anymore. My first master doesn’t have any other parameter but master color.

I also can’t get this to work. I have two Masters (Base, Highlight) for a layered font and both have the same CP in Masters. The goal is to have Highlight metrics to match Base. I am running Glyphs 2.6.5.

“Link Metrics With Master” = Base;