Link OTF with Glyphs File

I was wondering if there’s a possibility to link an installed OTF with it’s glyphs file, so whenever I work on the typeface and make some adjustments, I don’t always have to export a new OTF and install it again, while deleting the existing and installed OTF.
As always thanks a lot!

This is not really possible.

But have you read this:

But it’s a good idea! The question is when to trigger the OTF export. Maybe on file close, there could be a simple dialog asking whether to update the font so one would just have to click OK?

Even more radical: One could implement something similar to Illustrator, where the .ai file is in fact a valid PDF and vice versa. So, Glyphs would save its native source files as .otf files (let’s call it “preserve Glyphs editing capabilities”), with all the necessary extra data e.g. stored in some sort of custom table. Didn’t I suggest that to you @georg some ten years ago?

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cool, like Macromedia Fireworks’ PNGs, which contained additional information

The native .otf save sounds interesting but is it? But having a continuous update of the .otf certainly is. I have thought about it but in a different context. It would be helpful when doing proper openType preview. But it is quite involved. You need to figure out what was changed since you last updated the font table. And for now it was more useful to optimize the full export (and cache certain things to speed it up).

And what happens with data that doesn’t fit inside an otf? Like multiple master (some configurations could be ‘stored’ as variable fonts but what if you have a not interpolating Regular and Italic? You would need two otfs.
And to just store most of the info as.glyphs data inside a private table is not useful. Then I would rather save it next to the file? And then we are back where we started.