Link/use Components across different Masters


I’m working on a typeface which needs two Masters, but the characters of the second Master uses the characters of the first Master as a component, and add paths on top.

Lets say:

Master 1 = Base Drawing
Master 2 = Master 1 (as component) + Additional Drawing on top

Is it possible to automate something along those lines, so that Master 2 always updates the component it has inside when ever I edit the drawing of it in Master 1?

Curious to hear if someone had a similar need already!

It is not possible like that. Can you send me a screenshot of what you like to do? Then I think if something.

hi @GeorgSeifert thanks for the swift reply! That’s what I want to do:

Left: master 1
Right: master 2 (H component comes from master 1, with circles placed on top coming from master 2)

Thanks you!

It might be easier to build an export filter that combines the outlines from the two layers only on export. So you draw the bars in one layer and the circles in the other (you can make the other outlines visible in the layer panel).

hi @GeorgSeifert – thanks! Yes that’s an option indeed. Thanks for pointing it out!

Will “Cross Master Components” ever be something worth to make possible, from your point of view?

I didn’t see a use case that would justify it.

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@GeorgSeifert I’m also up for this feature. It would be very helpful in my projects. Here is how it would really improve my workflow:

I make layered colour fonts. Let’s take for example numbers and fractions. I have some design that uses two layers. Let’s call one of them “outline” (brown) and the other “small details” (orange), which is basically the same layer covering 90% of “outline”, but has some small cuts at the corners. I want my numbers to have those cuts, but I feel that I should not use them with fractions which are already small and it would only cause difficulties in reading. So I want the “small details” layer to be exactly the same as “outline” with these glyphs. Here adding a component from the lower layer would really come in useful.

All the best from Poland.

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Is this feature still not realized? It would really be very useful. For example, I have two different masters with alternate narrow and wide characters. Where one master has narrow alternate signs, the second master has wide alternate signs. We need “Cross Master Components”. At a time when the number of masters is increasing from font to font, the case for such a function is becoming more and more relevant.

There will be experimental support in the 3.2 update.


@lettersign I agree, I would really use being able to use other glyphs as smart components, for example making small caps that are components from uppercase, scaled down, but at the same time a bit heavier to compensate for the weight loss after scaling down.

This already exists. Look into the RMX Tools.