Linked metric formulas across masters?

I’ve just noticed that my metrics formulas are being updated across ALL glyph masters in the occasional (non-component) glyph.

ie. in light x glyph the LSB is n-5 and any update to that has changed the LSB in regular and bold to the exact same formula as opposed to n-3 or whatever individual values.

from time to time I select all and update metrics.

It looks like - on deadline - all the careful tweaking I’ve done has been decimated.

That’s the default behavior in Glyphs. If you want different formulas for different masters you have to enter them manually.

great. i love glyphs - but wtf.

logic tells me an all master variable link would be == or something else.

christ on a bike.

what an effin nightmare. the handbook can’t come quick enough.

Layer-specific metrics need a double equals sign: ==n+10

super. here we go again.