Linked sidebearings are pulling the wrong values

Hey everybody! I’m running into this weird issue where my linked sidebearings are pulling values from the wrong side. For example, my lowercase “n” has a LSB of 65 and a RSB of 60, but when I link that to other letters it gives them a LSB of 60 and RSB of 65. I attached a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about.

I opened another file and had the same issue. I’ve tried restarting and uninstalling/reinstalling the application, but that didn’t seem to fix anything. Has anyone else run into something like this before?

The vertical bar you have instructs Glyphs to take from the opposite side. The key you want for the LSB of /b is “=n”, not “=|n”.

Oh my, do I feel silly! Im glad it was just a user error. Thank you!!