Linked style oblique (not just italic)

When editing info for Instances I would like to be able to use the term oblique and check the “is italic” feature. Currently I could only get it to recognize the term italic. thanks


For now this is not possible.

In what application you would like to see the “oblique” style?

The request was not of great importance, but I may have not been a clear in my explanation. I am developing a sans serif that doesn’t have a true italics rather an oblique of the roman. When editing the instance info I wanted to be able to check “is italic” if the name of the instance xxx oblique. Currently I can only check this if the name is xxx italic. This may be semantics.

I did tried to make a font with “oblique” style name but could not get it to work properly. You can circumvent the message box by first having “Italic” in the style name, check “is Italic” and then change the style name to “Oblique”. Then you have to see how it works for you.