Linking alternates of same base character (esp. in Illustrator)

I’m not sure how to title my post or quote how to ask my question, so I hope it comes across ok.

In the past, I’ve exported typefaces from Glyphs App that have had, let’s say, ten ampersands, named ampersand, ampersand.001, ampersand.002, etc., and when I’ve used those typefaces in Adobe Illustrator, all ten of the ampersands show up when I select an ampersand and then go to the Glyphs Panel and select “Alternates for Current Selection.” They also show below the selected character in a little dropbox.

But for the current typeface I’m working on, and have just about completed, this isn’t happening for any of the alternates that have .001-style suffixes. The .fina and .init and .ss01 alternates all show up, but the .001s and .002s do not (even though they have for other fonts I’ve created).

How can I make sure those .001-style alternates are showing up as “alternates for current selection” for this newest font? I’ve never had to explicitly do anything before, it’s always just worked!

Thanks for any advice.

Best way to handle this would be character variations. Use .cv01 through .cv99 as suffix. And update features.

Thanks, this was just what I was looking for.

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