List filters bug

Hey —

Just trying to set up a list filter for Adobe Latin 4. It doesn’t seem to recognise unicode values at all. Ie. uni0020 or u0020. It does however accept simple names.

os x 10.10, Glyphs Version 1.4.5 (614)

Also… out of curiosity is it possible to generate those glyphs assigned to language filters? ie. greek > coptic

a reverse brewster’s millions, if you will :wink:


Ok - so, perhaps not a bug exactly but I find this counterintuitive nonetheless.

I would expect to see the glyphs in the list even if they are technically empty.

Sorry to have a conversation with myself but it gets weirder.

I have dejavu sans open and select my adobe latin 4 filter - all the unicode names are defined, correctly formatted, and it’s only picking up a third of the entire list, missing things like C (uni0043) - which is most definitely defined.

The List Filter currently only matches against the glyph name (not by unicode, though that would be nice). I ended up doing some filtering on the Adobe Latin lists and the Glyphs app glyph names (as defined in GlyphData.xml) to create my own lists. I’ll try to make time to review that code and see about cleaning it up or at least posting the List Filters I use.

[ Though, will have to wait until after the weekend, at least, since I’m heading to a wedding. ]

“uni0043” is not a Unicode value, but a glyph name derived from a Unicode value. If you want to use glyph names like that rather than human-readable names, make sure you disable File > Font Info > Other Settings > Nice Names.

If you want a list of glyph names, then convert your names to human readable names with a System Service:

If you just want to make sure all glyphs belonging to a Unicode range are in your font: Glyph > Add Glyphs…, then type the two glyph names marking the low and high end of the range, separated by a colon, e.g. ‘uni0040:uni0170’, and press Generate.