Little background image bug

in the newest glyphs version, when you place an background image (with 1000 pt height) and edit the sidebarings (issue only with left one), it will jump off to a weird position far up over the place.

and another thing that sometimes happen, if you trace the background a bunch of times for certain characters, suddenly glyphs just highlight the whole placed image, as if it will trace only the rectangle itself. only a restart of glyphs helps then.

Do you mean using the tracing tool? Or manual drawing over the image?

tracing tool, yes.

you also got that problem? for me it always happens, sometimes the BG image even jumps so far, that it is hard to access again.

another thing i have noticed: with cmd+shift+cursor you can still edit RSB in 10er steps, with cmd+cursor in 1er steps, with ctrl+shift+cursor the LSB in 10er, BUT with ctrl+cursor the expected 1er doesn’t do anything.

another thing: when you place a bitmap tif that is 1000pt in height, it is fortunately already fitting nicely in place at 100%. Unfortunately though, it always lands bottom-side-aligned to the baseline. Taking for granted, that the image is setup to fit exactly (like you did programming glyphs to expect it to be 1000pt = 1000upm) the image shouldn’t do that, but rather line up with bottom and top of the 1000upm rect. Otherwise every image needs manual shifting in place, very exhausting with hundreds of scans.

“Otherwise every image needs manual shifting in place, very exhausting with hundreds of scans.”

I’ll be Eric could provide a script to do that. :slight_smile:

Ahem. There already is one. Or four of them, actually:

uh, very nice! but still, why not make it default fitting, if it already »reads« the image size to fit?

But thank you very much, mekkablue, I can work with that. :slight_smile:

It does not read the image site to fit. It just reads the images size and uses one point in the image for one font unit. So a image that is 300pt high will be 300 units high in Glyphs.
I will think about the default placement.

ah, i understand. but no rush on that. scripting is also fine.

The image jumping bug still needs to be fixed though.

Can you try the latest update if the image jumping is fixed?

I did. It still jumps.

Just tried on OS 10.6.8 and this seems to be fixed over here (just spot checking), thanks!! Will try later at home on 10.9.

And a question: When I removed the background image in my folder structure (i know, you shouldn’t do that, but it can happen sometimes :slight_smile: ) and i reopen a glyphs file, it asks for that image to locate in the finder, which is super. Unfortunately it does not tell me which filename it expects. Could this be possible to be integrated (like inDesign does this with missing links)?

There are scripts for that:

I fixed that.
Can you try the latest update 1.4.3 (557) if it works better now? It will position the images at the descender if the image height is bigger than x-height + descender.
Georg, that works so amazingly perfect. Like a charm, thank you so much.

For the Filename declaration: Where can I see, what file Glyphs should search for (except from the red annotation in the Glyph itself. For that i have to skip the search-for-dialogue.) I think I am missing something, sorry for that.

Mekkablue, thank you too.

What do you mean with file name declaration?