Little text edit in Font info for clearity

I’m not the first one who encountered things like this,
like here it is already mentioned:

I had set parameters for individual masters. But when adding more masters, the parameters & other preferences should remain consistent.

This can more easily be done by setting preferences in the First tab of the font info??

I suggest the window mentions where the parameters are set for.
(and this in every individual tab)

As I understand it correctly;
parameters in the font tab are for the whole font (masters and instances),
parameters in the masters tab are for the masters and instances,
and parameters in the instances tab are only for the instances

Yes. Parameters set in all Masters will be interpolated for each instance.
Does this help?

Thanks for the link,
I already read that :slight_smile:

It was just a problem with the parameters, which are on different locations.
For that I asked which parameter applied to which part of the font, and which parameter was more determined than the others. It is a little confusing the way it is now…

The font parameters define the standard and they are overwritten by master settings which are overwritten by the instances.