Lnum feature not auto-generated


I noticed that lnum feature is not generated when the basic set of figures is OldStyle.

sub zero by zero.lf; is added only in case feature.

Version 2.4.2 (991)


Are your alternates clearly lining? (i.e. do you have .tf, .lf, and maybe .tosf? or .osf?) If you simply have .lf alternate and nothing else, there is no way Glyphs can tell what the default style is.

Glyphs will actually look at the proportions of the figures to try to guess the style of the default figures. But that can fail if the oldstyle figures are only slightly smaller than the lining.

it looks like this in Display version:

I think oldstyles are not slightly smaller.

But this works as expected in Text version:

I made lining figures a default set and the generated features are onum and lnum. So, it works for default lining and not for default oldstyles.

To determine the numbers are old style, it looks at the proportions of zero to eight. And your case, the difference is not big enough in the Display. The text version is fine because the zero is smaller.

Ahhhh the difference between old-style zero and old-style eight. Got it. It was 10pt beyond the horizon :slight_smile: thanks!