Local GlyphData.xml is not working

… keep a custom GlyphData.xml in the same folder as your .glyphs file, in an Info subfolder next to your .glyphs file, or in the parent folder above the .glyphs file …

This way of specifying a local GlyphData.xml doesn’t work in either 2.4.4 (1075) or 2.5b (1093).


  1. The attached test case includes am empty New Font.glyphs file (created in 2.4.4 (1075)) and a minimal GlyphData.xml (with only one entry <glyph name="TEST" category="Letter" />).

  2. Open New Font.glyphs in either 2.4.4 (1075) or 2.5b (1093), can’t find TEST in the Glyph Info panel.

test case.zip (2.5 KB)

The local glyphData entries do not show up in the info panel, it contains only the global entries. The info panel doesn’t know what font is active.

Ah! Right. Makes sense. However this means there’s no way to tell the actual GlyphData entries applied to an opened font (since “Edit > Info for Selection” tells the info of the actually glyph in the font instead of the glyph data entry).

Will it be trivial to allow a user to toggle the Glyph Info panel to show the active font’s GlyphData?

Info for selection should show the custom data. You might try Glyph > Update glyph info.

Yes, “Update Glyph Info” does update the glyph’s info to match the customized data, but “Info for Selection” doesn’t reliably tell the customized data without first making changes to the glyph with “Update Glyph Info”.