Lock all guidelines via script


Just quick question. I did a script that sets global guidelines at given overshoots but all of them are unlocked. I was looking at the API but apparently there’s no boolean to lock or unlock a guideline, isn’t it?

Thank you so much.

Have you tired .setLocked_(...) ?

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I will try it. Thanks, Mark!

It worked perfect, Mark! Thank you so much for your help! Since I’m a rookie in scripting I need to ask about where can I find this kind of functions like the one you suggested.

Thanks again.

I added the guide.locked property to the wrapper. So with the next version, you can do guide.locked = True.

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I just typed this into the macro panel:

print help(GSGuideLine)

You can also check @mekkablue’s Method Reporter scripts :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Georg!

Thanks again, Mark. I didn’t use that script before, now I’ve just realised how helpful it is.

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