Lock Components

hi all,

Im looking for a work-around to lock single components (the “master-component”).

f.e. the Master-Component shouldn’t move/change when I’m using the filter > transformation > metrics. Because now im using “placebo-metrics” and when I’m using this filter to modify my metrics the component-glyphs they will be chopped.

I know there is a lock-function by right-cklicking on the component, but I don’t really know how this work … (it is for update metrics?). Furthermore the function is just for the “instance-component” …

Anybody has a solution?


What do you mean with master and instance components?

I give an image:

now, if I change the metrics of both the combination is “chopped” (f.e. the slash is more right than the center).

probably thats because the zero points also changed but not synchronous

this is not only by using one “component-instance” & one “regular-glyph”;
it is also the phenomenon if i use two “component-instances”


Use anchors and make your glyph component-only.
For /zero.zero (i assume this is what you have in your example), you can place an anchor called center in /zero, and in /slash.zero (set to non-exporting), you put an anchor called _center. Then you either place /zero and /slash.zero in /zero.zero, or you generate the glyph via Font > Add Glyphs by typing ‘zero+slash.zero=zero.zero’.

mmmh I tried this. it seems not to work.

(I give an image of the work-around)
(anchor of sporn is the same position)

it is just frustrating, when I am adjusting metrics and the glyphs will be chopped. Anyhow, it could be a nice funktion to “lock” a glyph, that you can no longer do sth. with it (change, filter, etc.)

any ideas?

Rename the glyph bow_n to n.bow and it will work.

Yes, I would name the glyphs /bow.n and /spur.n, the anchors spur and _spur. And I would place the anchor on the corner.

In glyph names, in the way Glyphs employs them, the underscore is reserved for ligatures. Please read this: http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/getting-your-glyph-names-right

first, thank you very much! I tried:


works fine in “raw-instance-combinations”,
f.e. in “Lslash” (L, anc: center; slash, anc: _center)
also the name of the "slash doesn’t matter.(?)
But the name matter in the “n” [sporn_n + n_bow combination
(have to be n.*]). I dont really understand why …


if i try to combine two or more component-instances
it is little more tricky. You have to add an anchor to the “raw”, and then to the component-instance … its funny but tricky and buggy and you cant rotate them that easy anymore :slight_smile:


I find the best work around for my problem:

just not-select the combination of instance+instance (and maybe center-anchor to the raw+instances-mixed glyphs).

I like the “construction” of type very much for prototyping. Maybe there will be a solution to make this workaround “more” easy.
F.e. the possibility to lock “raw”-elements or make them “unselactable” and just leave the possibility to adjust metrics of the instances.

Then you have to use instances out of “element”-letters not “real” letter (to keep the letters adjustable)

thanks again