Lock guidelines!

Please include an option to LOCK GUIDELINES (maybe under view), before I don’t have no more hair on my head!


Choose guideline and see context menu (right click) where you will find “Lock Guide”, assuming you are using Glyphs 2.

thx for that info. I didn’t look in the context menu. Now I only have to learn python to write a script that locks/unlocks all guides. though, just saw that there’s no way to select multiple guides and lock them at once…

Depends if and how you want to deal with them. There are global guidelines that belong to GSFontMaster and local ones that belong to GSLayer. you can un/lock them with makeLocked and makeUnlocked. I can make all guidelines locked but not selected ones as it seems that I cannot check if a particular guideline is selected or not. If you can’t write it, I can.

You should be able to check:

if guide in layer.selection

Ah thanks! So I can lock selected guidelines and unlock all guidelines. Do you want those scripts, Avenir? Or can you do it by yourself?

@Tosche: If you could write a script that un/locks all guidelines, global and local, that would be superbe!

I don’t know anything about python but I’ll have to look into it eventually…

Done. Install “Guideline Locker” found in the zip. Since it’s a graphical user interface, I assume you have Vanilla installed. https://github.com/Tosche/Glyphs-Scripts


@Tosche thanks a lot for the quick service! works like a charm.

Could there be a way to add an option to just lock all guidelines without having to select them?

Depends on what you mean by “all”. All guides in the current layer, or current glyph (all layers), or multiple selected glyphs, etc? And all local or all global? If you can specify that, I can of course add it.

Ah, by all, I mean all guides (global + local) in the selected, current glyph

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