Lock unlocked kerning pairs

I was thinking I could reuse Toshi Omagari’s script to display unlocked kerning pairs, to have it lock all the pairs it found. (Don’t ask why I am trying to do something stupid like that!) What is the part that reads the “lock status”? And how would I go about modifying it to do such a thing?

Not sure I understand what exactly you are aiming at. You want to turn all exceptions into group kerning?

  1. Window > Kerning > :gear: > Compress Kerning (turns group-exception and exception-group into group-group, and exception-exception into group-exception)
  2. repeat Compress Kerning (turns remaining group-exception pairs into group-group)
  3. mekkablue scripts: Metrics > Delete Kerning Exceptions (removes the remaining exceptions, that could not be turned into pure group kerning because the respective group kerning pair already existed)


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I just want to avoid clicking the little lock for every combination. It seems your method should take care of that.