Locl feature automatic generation problem

Hey, just experienced something like this, and I’m not sure how to deal with this.
Sorry if this was mentioned before.
The automatically generated locl feature is not working.

Please have a look here:

Also, I wonder if loclPLK adding a glyph with .loclPLK would be enough for the feature to be generated? (quotedblleft)


Best way currently is to manually code locl:

I recommend putting each language-specific thing into a separate lookup, and the language statements before the lookups. That way you can simply call the lookup again for another language, or even in other contexts (e.g. the Catalan or German substitutions may make sense in calt as well).

Here is sample code from a recent project I was involved in:

script latn;

language ROM;
lookup locl_ROM_MOL {
	sub Scedilla by Scommaaccent;
	sub scedilla by scommaaccent;
	sub Tcedilla by Tcommaaccent;
	sub tcedilla by tcommaaccent;
} locl_ROM_MOL;

language MOL;
lookup locl_ROM_MOL;

language TRK;
lookup locl_TRK {
	sub i by idotaccent; 
	# only necessary if fi-ligatures lose their dotaccent or if smallcaps are present
} locl_TRK;

language KAZ;
lookup locl_TRK;
language TAT;
lookup locl_TRK;
language CRT;
lookup locl_TRK;
language AZE;
lookup locl_TRK;

language NLD;
lookup locl_NLD {
	ignore sub J' [@Markscomb @MarkscombCase];
	sub iacute j' by jacute;
	sub Iacute J' by Jacute;
} locl_NLD;

language CAT;
lookup locl_CAT {
	sub l periodcentered' l by periodcentered.loclCAT;
	sub L periodcentered' L by periodcentered.loclCAT.case;
} locl_CAT;

language DEU;
lookup uppercaseSharpS {
	sub @Uppercase @Uppercase germandbls' by Germandbls;
	sub germandbls' @Uppercase by Germandbls;
} uppercaseSharpS;

Perfect, thank you.

I will allow myself to add Polish quotes
(The correct Polish quotation marks are „lower-upper”)

language PLK;
lookup locl_PLK {
sub quotedblleft by quotedblbase;
} locl_PLK;

I would not try to fix input mistakes by the font.

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