Looking for a script to remove diactritic components

I am looking for a script that removes the diactritic components (like gravecomb) from component glyphs (like agrave). I know that this script exists, I used it to make Trialfonts. But somehow I am not able to find it again. It’s silly and all my fault. But I found this script so helpful to generate Trialfonts without any accents. Maybe one of you knows which script this might be. Thank you!!!

If you want to generate trials without accent, the best way to do it is to use custom parameter “Rename Glyphs” on your exports.

But I think you are thinking about the “Base Reductor” plugin by Mekkablue.
Check it from the Plugin Manager

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Dear Hugo,
thank you so much, Base Reductor was the name I was looking for. Perfect.