Looking for: Hinting tutoring

I’m interested too! Bravo!

I’m also interested (UTC+8 in china)!

Interested too! (GMT)

I’m also interested to join!

I would also be interested.
Idea: there could be a class and in the end maybe a recording of it could be provided? That way people from different time zones don’t have to get up in the middle of the night (hinting during day times is tedious enough) or people that work in shifts can watch it later :slight_smile:

Only if that was supposed to be a free class that is …

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I would also be interested in this!! EEST

If you want to examine a typeface hinted with Glyphs 2 check out my libre typeface Margherita.

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Bali - Indonesia here :blush:

me also very hinterested!!! best idea 2021 :slightly_smiling_face:

also interested- how do I sign up?

Okay we will do it this Friday. Posting a poll with time options in a bit. Stay tuned.

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Thank you, this is great news!

hey rainer, I’m interested as well.

I’m interested.

why not? Let me know the date! Thanks Rainer

I try to make time. Looking forward to it.

Will there be a recording? I’m very interested and I’m sure my classmates are as well (so 11 people), but we have a full day workshop on Friday. We’re GMT+1.

I am also interested. +1 from your time Eric.

Count me in. What times?

When someone is saying “let’s do it on [Monday, Tuesday… Friday etc]” - I’m just like “Oh my, is it today”?! :open_mouth: This covid lockdown freaks me out. All days look absolutely alike.
Sorry for offtopic.

Friday sounds good.

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