Lookupflag not reset per spec

In a font I’m helping with, we have 3 named lookups in ccmp feature. The feature is organized as follows (actual rule details omitted for brevity):

lookup ccmp_arab_1 { 
	script arab; 
	sub ...  # various rules here
} ccmp_arab_1; 

lookup ccmp_arab_2 { 
lookupflag UseMarkFilteringSet @hamzas;	
	sub ...  # various rules here
} ccmp_arab_2; 

lookup ccmp_arab_3 {
	sub ...  # various rules here
} ccmp_arab_3;

NB: These are not standalone lookups, but are in the ccmp feature.

The question is: what is the value of the lookupflag for ccmp_arab_3 lookup?

In Adobe’s OpenType™ Feature File Specification I read:

The lookupflag attribute defaults to 0 at the start of a feature or named lookup block.

which makes me think, since ccmp_arab_3 is a named lookup block, it should be reset to 0. But in fact it is the same as set in ccmp_arab_2.

(I know I can explicitly reset it to 0, but unless I’m misunderstanding something this seems like Glyphs doesn’t agree with the Adobe spec)


Glyphs version: 1009

I just found problems like this that I needed to reset the flags even in a feature. This is a problem with makeOTF. So I can’t do much about this in Glyphs.

Ok, thanks for confirming.

Seems like Adobe should be informed.

I might need to check what version of makeOTF I’m having. Maybe they fixed it already.